Raw Food Diet and Your Brain

If a raw food diet appeals to you, think twice. New research from Brazil suggests that the capacities of human brains evolved far beyond those of gorillas and chimps because our early ancestors learned to cook food. Investigators at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro determined that human brains have an average of 86 billion neurons, while gorillas have 33 billion of these brain cells and chimps only 28 billion. They also found that the more neurons a brain has, the more calories are needed to support its function. If humans ate only raw foods, the researchers calculated, we would have to eat for more than nine hours straight in order to get enough calories to sustain the energy requirements of our bigger brains. The investigators also report that the human brain consumes 20 percent of body energy when resting compared to nine percent in other primates. Researchers elsewhere have suggested that human brains began to expand once our ancient ancestors learned how to cook food over fire. And lab studies have shown that animals grow up bigger and faster when they eat cooked, rather than raw meat.

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