Premenstrual dysphoria disorder: It’s biology, not a behavior choice

Almost all women have some mild premenstrual symptoms that signal the imminent arrival of their period every month. These symptoms are typically just an annoyance and don’t cause any distress.

But for some women, these symptoms are much more significant. About 20% of menstruating women suffer from premenstrual syndrome, or PMS. Women with PMS have …

Struggling With Your Weight? How to Beat Food Addiction

If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance you’re addicted to certain foods.

It doesn’t mean you’re gluttonous, weak-willed or a bad person. It means your biology has learned to crave junk food.

Food addiction is usually framed as an emotional issue. But readily available, intensely addictive sugary foods can hijack your hormones, taste …

Ready to Snap? 7 Tips for Stressed-Out Parents

You work hard in a high-stress job. You fight traffic to pick your kids up from daycare, school or sports. Then you go from chauffer to chef at home.

It’s no wonder toddler tantrums or teenage rebellion can push a parent over the edge.

Learning to manage stress can give you the patience, energy and …

Recipe: Fruit-Forward PB&J

Who says peanut-butter and jelly is just for kids? Not us! Adults and children alike will fall in love with our All-Fruit Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

Scan the ingredients list and you’ll notice something odd — there’s no jelly…. or peanut butter, in the usual sense. We can see those raised eyebrows, but bear …

Safe summer grilling tips

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It’s nearly June and the start of the summer season is upon us in New England. That means taking advantage of the warm weather to hit the beach or a hiking trail, and of course, it’s the season of the backyard barbeque.

Grilling is a great way to enjoy tasty …

Of all the flavors in the world, we choose salty — and that’s not good

While the adjective salty can be used in today’s slang to describe one’s personality, it also pertains to our food. It’s saturated in it. And that’s not good.

Salt: The good, the bad, and the too much

Sodium is an essential part of our diet. It helps nerves and muscles function as well as hold …

Listen to Your Body When Pain and Stiffness Strike After Exercise

After months off, you decide to hit the weight room. You put in a full three rounds of bench presses and feel great. Until pain and stiffness progressively pervade your chest muscles. Then every movement brings pure misery — so much that you can barely move the affected area.

You can expect exercise-induced muscle soreness …

The Best Foods to Eat When You Have Breast Cancer

Contributor: Anna Taylor, MS, RD, LD, CDE

If you or someone you care about has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, there will be questions. These may include: What should I eat?

During any cancer therapy, remember these four diet tips:

  1. Stay hydrated. Aim for at least 2 liters to 3 liters of fluid

If You Have Aortic Aneurysm, You Might Benefit from Statins

Contributor: Sean Lyden, MD

If you have coronary artery disease, carotid artery disease or peripheral vascular disease, using statins is clearly a benefit to your health. In those cases, statins lower your risk of future stroke and heart attack.

We do know that patients with abdominal aortic aneurysms have heart disease. A landmark study

How important are short AF episodes?

A study presented at the recent Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Chicago has added more uncertainty about the significance of short-duration AF episodes.

Before I tell you about the study, I need to clarify what I mean by short-duration AF episodes, sometimes called subclinical AF (SCAF).

SCAF is AF on a monitor that is often …