Tired of Working Out?

If your physical fitness routine has become redundant, change it up! These seven suggestions can help you get energized and excited to work out – give them a try.

A healthful diet is not the only factor when it comes to achieving a healthy weight – physical activity plays an important role as well. While …

Outdoor Workout, Better Results

Engaging in outdoor exercise may be an effective strategy for midlife women who want to become more active – a small Canadian study found that women who did outdoor workouts attended more sessions than those who exercised indoors and exhibited greater tranquility afterward. Sticking to the program wasn’t the only benefit – the researchers at …

How Hard Are You Really Working Out?

A new Canadian study suggests that most adults are clueless about the intensity of their exercise. Researchers from Toronto’s York University recruited 129 inactive Canadians ages 18 to 64 to see what they know about strenuous workouts. Canadian guidelines specify that during moderate exercise your pulse rate should rise to between 64 to 76 …

Do You Warm Up and Cool Down When You Exercise? (Poll)

A recent Q&A discussed whether a cool down is necessary and beneficial after a workout: Cooling Down After Exercise? Check out the article and let us know whether you warm up or cool down, or both, while exercising.

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