Will Cracking Your Knuckles Lead to Arthritis?

Q: Does cracking your knuckles lead to arthritis?

A: You’ve probably heard that cracking your knuckles will enlarge them or cause arthritis in your joints.

But that is an old wives’ tale. Habitual knuckle-cracking won’t cause osteoarthritis or joint enlargement.

Cracking your knuckles releases gas, in the form of nitrogen bubbles, from the …

Is There a Treatment That Cures a Stomach Ulcer?

Q: Can an ulcer be completely cured?

A: If you have peptic ulcer disease, which can involve stomach ulcers and/or duodenal ulcers of the small intestine, the answer is yes! These ulcers can be completely healed.

The development of H2 blockers (Zantac®, Pepcid®, Tagamet®, Axid®) and then Proton Pump Inhibitors (Prilosec®, Prevacid®, Nexium®, Aciphex®, …

Road Rage and Other Meltdowns: 4 Ways to Manage Stress

Your boss is being a jerk. A financial emergency has totaled your budget. You’re not seeing eye-to-eye with your spouse. And then that bozo cuts you off on the freeway!

Your anger has been simmering. Now it’s come to a full boil. How do you do cope with it?

We talked to psychologist Adam Borland,

Study: Mid-Life Health Tied to Late-Life Alzheimer’s Risk

People with risk factors for heart attack and stroke such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and smoking are also more likely to develop changes in the brain that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, a new study shows.

These risk factors previously have been linked to higher odds of dementiacognitive

I’m In Pain: Should I Wait to Seek Treatment?

Q. I’m in pain: Should I wait to seek treatment?

A. Delaying treatment for pain can turn a relatively minor injury into a major health problem. A rapid response to back injury in the workplace, for example, can prevent the development of chronic pain in many cases. While injured workers wait in limbo for the …

Why You Can’t Shake That Cold: Tips on Walking Pneumonia

When you have cold-like symptoms — headache, runny nose, cough and a sore throat — you likely slow down a bit, thinking you can beat it in a few days. But when the symptoms linger or worsen — not enough to knock you off your feet, but enough so that you can’t ignore them — …

Could Your Child Play a Video Game to Correct Lazy Eye?

When you have lazy eye, or weaker vision in one eye than the other, doctors often recommend patching — or covering up the stronger eye to strengthen the weaker one. But researchers recently found an interesting alternative to patching: a specially designed video game.

In a recent study comparing the two, the video game was …

I’ve Had a Heart Attack: Can I Restart an Exercise Regimen?

If you’ve done cardiac rehab, then you likely already have learned an exercise regimen. It’s nice when you’ve had that benefit, because you can slowly start going back to the regimen that you had before.

If you don’t have the benefit of a guided regimen in the past, then you can start by walking …

12 Questions to Ask if You Have Cancer and Need Radiation

When you’re going through cancer treatment, it’s important to ask any and all questions you have. It will help you prepare yourself while also allowing your family to understand how to best support you.

In particular, you want to be sure you understand any cancer treatment you’ll receive, including its benefits, drawbacks and side effects. …

Why Leukemia Happens: Could It Run in Your Family?

You may think that leukemia, which is cancer of the blood cancer, develops randomly. But certain circumstances can increase your risk. And recent research identifies a new class of genetic mutations that may drive risk later in life.

Leukemia comes in many forms. It develops in children and adults, mostly older adults and men. …